Renovation Inspections and Other Inspections

Home and commercial inspections are not just for buying and selling your home or business. Renovation Inspections are a great resource for a home owner thinking about doing some home renovations, repairs or extensions.

Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation, a house extension or decking for the back patio. A home renovation inspection will help you get an understanding of what to expect in terms of suitability or possible existing damage and deterioration.

You don’t want to start ripping up the kitchen floor and discover the slab has deteriorated. Or knocking down walls without first checking the foundations.

Or even if you just want a routine pest and termite inspection to  make sure your home hasn’t been invaded.

Grounds for Pre Purchase Home Inspections set themselves apart by taking the extra mile for their customers with their comprehensive reporting which not only details any issues found in their inspection but also gives solutions to fixing and solving them with an included cost estimate.

With more than 30 years experience and over 6000 inspections Grounds for Pre Purchase Home Inspections will help you make the right decision.